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St. Patrick's School and 8th Grade Graduation Class

Photo of St. Patrick's 8th Grade Graduation Class of 1952. St. Patrick's School Building in 1970.

Oglesby School and Mother's Show

Photographs of Oglesby School Building, Mother's Show and Cleaning Up in front of the school.

Gastman School Building

Photograph of the Gastman Elementary School building, ran in the Decatur Review 11/27/1910. Photo of postcard of E. A. Gastman School with children standing in front.

Photographs Decatur High School in 1930's.

Photos of Decatur High School Building, Students and Students in Wood Working Class and Classroom, Parking lot on North corner.

Photographs of Exterior Decatur High School

Photo of Kintner Gym Winter Time with Automobiles
Photo of South West Exterior Winter Time
Photos of Exterior Decatur High School
Photos of Decatur High School Looking From Franklin St.
School was built in 1911 and demolished in 1977.

Photograph of the Millikin University Entrance

Photograph of the Millikin University entrance showing the old circle drive in front of the main building, this drive is no longer there.