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Photos of A. E. Staley Mfg. Co.

Post card of the Staley Office Building at night. Photograph of the Dust Collector. Photograph of man watching conveyor belt. Photograph of A. E. Staley baseball field. Photograph of the Staley Office building with flood lights. Photographs of…

Photos of Spencer-Kellogg Grain Company

Photograph of the Spencer-Kellogg and Sons, Philippines Inc. Photograph of the Spencer-Kellogg buildings and rail yard. Photograph of men working on top of the grain silos. Photograph aerial view of Spencer-Kellogg. Photograph of two men watching…

Photos of the Shellabarger Mills

Photograph of the Shellabarger Grain Storage Silos. Photograph of worker bagging flour. Photograph of two men bagging flour. Photograph of the Shellabarger Buildings.

Photo of the Wooden Shoe Restaurant. Photos of Couple married at the Wooden Shoe.

BS564-Outside View_No Date_155.jpg
Photograph of Wooden Shoe Restaurant located at 241 E. Main Street. Merged with Greider's Café in 1962. Photographs of couple being married at the Wooden Shoe.

Photo of the Washburn and Wheeler Shaft Co.

BS377-Washburn and Wheeler Co.jpg
Photograph of the Washburn and Wheeler Shaft Co., 210 W. Wood Street., taken in 1904. Print from glass negatives found in a Decatur attic Feb. 1956.

Photo of Walgreen Drug Store

BS193-Walgreen_NO DATE.jpg
Photograph of the Walgreen Drug Store located at 215 N. Water Street, Decatur, IL. White Dental Clinic was upstairs.

Photo of the Villa Nova Tap Tavern

BS562-Villa Nova Tap_Jasper and Wood_No Date_156.jpg
Photograph of the Villa Nova Tap Tavern located on the corner of Jasper and Wood Streets, Decatur, IL.

Photos of United States Wire Mat Co.

BS276-US_WIRE-1, C1907.jpg
Photograph of the United States Wire Mat Co., taken 1907. This was later changed to the United States Mfg. Co. Photo unused Aug. 12, 1907. This company located at 260-262 E. Wood St. at Franklin St., Decatur, IL. Photograph of U. S. Wire Mat…

Photo of United States Oil Extracting Machinery Co.

BS811-US Oil Extracting Machinery Co001.jpg
Photograph of the United States Oil Extracting Machinery Co. This company was located in the Chamber of Commerce Addition at the southwest corner of Tait Ave. and Illinois Central Railroad. The main building, the 2-story frame building on the right,…