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Photo of the Leavenworth Wholesale Grocer Company

Photograph of the Leavenworth Wholesale Grocer Company with two men standing across the street. "Leavenworth Wholesale Grocery Co., it was at 160 S. Water St. at the time this photo was taken in 1912. In 1914 it moved to the corner of North and N.…

Photo of K's Merchandise Mart Building

Photograph of the K's Merchandise Mart Building with cars parked out front. Located at 326 N. Water Street, Decatur, IL.

Photo of the Jack Robinson Restaurant

BS336-Jack_Robinson_615 E Wood.jpg
Photograph of the Jack Robinson System Restaurant located at 615 E. Wood St., Decatur, IL. Hamburgers for 5 cents.

Photo of the John Irwin Clothiers

BS306-Irwin's Clothiers.jpg
Photograph of the John Irwin Clothiers, 108 E. Prairie St., Decatur, IL. Mr. Irwin, who lived at 366 W. Decatur Street, was apparently out of business in 1891, according to the directory. The children of John Irwin, and his wife, Alta Barber Irwin,…

Photos of Illinois Power Co. Transmission Substation and the Illinois Power Co. office building.

Photograph of the Illinois Power Co. Substation. Photo of the Illinois Power Co. office building on E. Main St., Decatur, IL.

Photos of the Illinois Bell Interior and Exterior

Photo of the interior of the Illinois Bell Telephone Co. Photo of telephone operators at work. Photo of the exterior of the Illinois Bell Telephone Office Building on E. Main St. later became Illinois Power Co.

Photo of the Ice Barn Located on the Sangamon River

Photograph of David A. "Doc" Maffit --Ice Barn--1888; located on the Sangamon river. Maffit in horse and buggy on left, with lots of horses and wagons.

Photo of Hershey-Houdaille Garfield Plant Aerial View

Photograph --Aerial View of the Hershey-Houdaille Garfield Plant, part of the Manhattan Project, 8/24/1945.

Photo of the Home Telephone Building

Photograph of the Home Telephone Building, N. Main St., Decatur, IL. Photo used in the Decatur Business 977.358A, p. 96-1.