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Photo of Lt. Floyd N. Hass in uniform
Herald and Review Library: Hass, Lt. Floyd N.; Article on back of photo; First Lt. Floyd N. Hass, 28, whose wife is Peggy Adams Hass of the WACS, was killed in action over Belgium on Jan 22, according to word from the War department received by his…

Photo of Lt. Kenneth N. Harding in uniform with name
Herald and Review Library; Harding Kenneth N. commissioned 2nd Lieut. in Army Air Forces; Article on back of photo; Kenneth N. Harding, 1504 East Prairie avenue, Decatur, Blackland Field, Waco, Texas."

Photograph of Paul R. Gilliland in bomber jacket and goggles
Herald and Review Library: Gilliland, Paul R.,photo unused. on back of photo: "Mr. Paul r. Gilliland, 606 W. Macon Street."

Photo of Staff Sgt. John W. Elben by the "Glittering Girl" plane
WWII - Herald and Review Library; Elben, John W., 10/4/1944. Article on back of photo: "Fifteenth Army Air force in Italy, Oct 4 (Special) - Staff Sgt. John W. Elben, 19, Shelbyville, aerial gunner of a B-17, recently flew his 50th long-range mission…

Photo of Hubert W. Cochran in flight suit
WWII - Herald and Review Library; Cochran, Hubert W., 12/10/1942.

Photo of Earl E. Cline in uniform with name and number on plaque
WWII - Herald and Review Library; Cline, Lt. Earl E., 6/15/1944. Article with photo: "Cline Earns Silver Wings: 2nd Lt. Earl E. Cline, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cline, 440 W. Macon St. recently won his silver wings at the Big Springs Bombardier…