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"Homecoming of A-Co. 124 Machine Gun Co."
WWI - Float in Homecoming Parade of A Co. 124 Machine Gun Battalion for Heroic Dead. pg. 54. c.1918

Photo of Seven Women c. 1917
Liberty Loan "Flying Squadron" photograph of seven women.

"The Loyal Mothers of A. Co. 124 Machine Gun Co., Jan. 30th 1918"
WWI - Loyal mothers of A. Co. 124 machine gun battalion, 1/30/1918. See Mothers of A. Company pg. 1.

Patriot Food Show Ushers
WWI - Patriot Food show Ushers, c. 1918. Sign in photo "For Food Pledge Card - sign here"

Patriotic Food Show Herald Booth
WWI - Herald booth at the Patriotic Food Show. See Food

Macon County Food Show, Feb 27-Mar 2, 1918.
U of I food experts at work at the Macon County Food Show in the Palm Room at the Orlando Hotel, Decatur, IL.

Jackson School Boys - Red Cross Workers
WWI - Group Photograph of Jackson School Boys, c. 1918. Writing on photograph "Jackson School Boys - Red Cross Workers"

Eastside Red Cross Headquarters - Jasper Street School
Ladies Sitting Around Picnic Tables Making Bandages, Written on photograph "Eastside Red Cross Hdq. Jasper Street School."

Mrs. Jane M. Johns Making Trench Candles
Photograph of 2 women making trench candles. Written on photograph "Mrs. Jane M. Johns making Trench Candles." c. 1918