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  • Collection: Roberts Family Collection - Photographs

"Army Boy"

Photograph of H. Roberts. Photo is labeled "Army Boy" on the back.

"Just Me"

Photograph of Mabel Grubbs labeled "Just Me" on the back.

"Saving Wood"

Photograph of Edna sitting on a wood pile. Photo labeled "Saving Wood" in photo album. Back of photo: "Don't I look industrious on this wood pile? I didn't saw it however! This was taken in a timber west of our place. This is the size picture my…

1985 W. Forest Ave

Photograph of the Roberts' family house at 1985 W. Forest Ave. in Decatur, IL in 1932.

2 Women and 3 Children

Photograph of 2 unknown women with 3 unknown children by a fence.

3 Children

Photograph of 3 children with a dog in the yard.

4th of July 1916

Photograph of Mabel Grubbs with unknown friends on the 4th of July in 1916.

637 W. Macon St., Decatur, IL

Photograph of the house at 637 W. Macon St., Decatur, IL. This is the Roberts family home.

A Bit of Light

photograph of an unknown woman (possibly Mabel Grubbs) sitting on a rock outside. Photo is labeled "A Bit of Light".