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1985 W. Forest Ave

Photograph of the Roberts' family house at 1985 W. Forest Ave. in Decatur, IL in 1932.

Pond in the Backyard

Photograph of the pond in the backyard of the Roberts house.

The Pond in the Backyard

Photograph of the pond in the backyard of the Roberts house.

Zella Grubbs

Photograph of Zella Grubbs sitting on the steps of a house in September 1932.

Oakland Model 8

Photograph of an Oakland Model 8 in front of the garage in the yard. Oakland Motor Car Company was a division of General Motors, and was later renamed Pontiac in 1931.

Art and Lucille W.

Photograph of Art and Lucille W. in Peoria, IL (1932). The photo is stamped on the back with Pfile's stamp, as it was printed by them.

Mabel and Gene at Aunt Rose's House

Photograph of Mabel and Gene Roberts in front of Aunt Rose's house in Holgate, OH in 1932.

Gene and Mabel

Photograph of Gene and Mabel standing by a shed in Ohio in 1932.