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Photo of 2nd Lt. Stanley Threlfall in flight uniform and name tag

AF717-WWII_THRELFALL, STANLEY, 1-17-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Threlfall, 2nd Lt. Stanley N., Article on back of photo; "Stanley Threfall, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Threlfall of 236 North Taylor street, was commissioned a second lieutenant in the army air corps upon graduation from…

Photo of 2nd Lt. Walter Schlie in uniform wearing head phones and name tag

AF622-WWII_SCHLIE, WALTER, 7-27-1942.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Schlie, Lt. Walter; Article on back of photo; "Lieut. Walter Schlie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Schlie of 236 East Center street, has received his wings as an air force navigator and been commissioned as an air corps…

Photo of 2nd St. John W. Smith in uniform with name and serial number

AF651-WWII_SMITH, JOHN W, 1-16-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Smith, 2nd Lt. John W., Written on back of photo; "commissioned 2nd Lt. in Army Air Force, residence; 2335 N. Oakland, Decatur, IL.

Photo of 2nd. Lt. Robert B. Wilcox in flight uniform with name tag

AF786-WWII_WILCOX, ROBERT B, 5-13-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Wilcox, 2nd Lt. Robert B., Article on back of photo; "At Salt Lake City; Second Lieut. Robert B. Wilcox has reported to Salt Lake City, Utah, after spending a 10-day furlough with parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Wilcox in Blue…

Photo of Albert D. Green in uniform in front of plane

AF294-WWII_GREEN, ALBERT D, 11-28-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Photo of Green, Albert D. Article with photo: "This is to advise that Cadet Albert D. Green a member of the class of 43-A, who is now enrolled as an Aviation Cadet in the Air corps Basic Flying School, located at Gardner…

Photo of Albert R. Toole in uniform with name and serial number

AF725-WWII_TOOLE, ALBERT R, 6-30-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Toole, Albert R., Article on back of photo; "Toole Graduates; Pvt. Albert R. Toole, son of Mrs. Pearl Toole, 245 East Division street, was graduated last week from the gunnery school at Laredo army air field, Laredo, Texas.…

Photo of Aubrey Taylor in uniform

AF704-WWII_TAYLOR, AUBREY, 3-15-1942.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Taylor, Aubrey; Article on back of photo; "Trips Across Alaska Told; Two airplane trips from the United States across the snowbound stretches of western and northern Canada into Alaska this winter were made by Aubrey…

Photo of Billy V. Williams in uniform

AF789-WWII_WILLIAMS, BILLY (BILLIE), V, 4-18-1941.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Williams, Billy V., Article on back of photo; "Billy V. Williams, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams, 1103 East Condit street, and Robert Holmes, 18, (not pictured) son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Holmes, 3856 East…

Photo of Cadet Edwin W. Morenz in uniform

AF547-WWII_MORENZ, EDWIN W, 8-16-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Morenz, Cadet Edwin W.; Article on back of photo; "Flight Trainee, Cadet Edwin W. Morenz, son of Mrs. Minnie Morenz, 2165 East Decatur street, has reported to Carlsbad, N. M., army air field, where he will receive advanced…

Photo of Capt. Robert W. Stoddard receiving congratulations from Col. William L. Lee

AF683-WWII_STODDARD, ROBERT W, 10-2-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Stoddard, Capt. Robert W.; Article on back of photo; "Capt. Robert W. Stoddard, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Stoddard, 2102 East Decatur street, is shown receiving the congratulations of his wing commander, Col. William L.…