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A.B. Ekiss - Baby Carl
These are the glass negatives of A.B. Ekiss' baby, Carl. The photos were taken by Charles Wasson of Wasson Studios in Decatur, IL on February 10, c. 1910.

45lb Catfish
Postcard of Carl and Gust holding a 45lb catfish. The back of the postcard says: "Carl and I caught this fish the 15th of July, and butchered him the 19th of July. It weighed 45lbs. How is that for fish - Gust". The postcard is addressed to Mr.…

Carl and I
Photograph of Carl and an unknown woman standing in a parking lot next to a car with California plates in 1939.

Carl, Bobbie, and Mina at the Great Lakes Naval Base
Photograph of Carl, Bobbie, and Mina standing on the shore of Lake Michigan at the Great Lakes Naval Base on Nov. 12, 1950.