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Photo of Group of Men at the Bailey Motor Co.

BS945-Bailey Motor Company Mount Auburn il circa 1932077.jpg
Photograph of a group of men standing in front of the Bailey Motor Co., in Auburn, IL.

Photo of W. H. Muzzy Music House Automobile
Photograph of W. H. Muzzy Music House Automobile and Men in the background.

Photos of Comet Automobile
Photographs of Comet Automobile Assembly Line, Building located on Garfield Ave., and Family Out For A Drive in Their Comet, Decatur, IL.

Photographs of Horses Pulling a Carriage.
Photograph of Horse and Buggy taken by Noel C. Dicks. Photograph of Horse and Carriage in front of Decatur Baggage and Transfer Co., 1929. Photograph of Horse and Surrey, ran in the Review, 2/20/1929.

Fairview Park - New Road
This is a negative of a new road in Fairview Park. The photo was taken by Decatur Herald & Review on April 30, 1937.

Photograph of Automobiles Racing at the Fairgrounds
Photograph of automobiles racing at the fairgrounds at an unknown date.