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Board of Directors Meeting - December 1993

These are the minutes and agenda for the board of directors meeting in December 1993. At this meeting the board discussed city librarian's report, committee reports, personnel policy and public relations, finance and properties, Foundations mission…

Statistical Report - December 1993 - Decatur Public Library

This is the statistical report for the month of December 1993 for the Decatur Public Library. This reports shown information for technical services, personnel, computers, patrons, assists, volumes purchases, volunteers, circ stats for both December…

Letter to the Board of Directors December 1993

This is a letter from a student at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Matt Hawley, requesting the board of directors to consider opening the Decatur Public Library on Sunday.

Board of Directors - Bills - December 1993

These are the bills for the Decatur Public Library in the Month of December 1994. This ledger shows date of request, vendor, amount, check number, check date and a description