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Postcard from Henry Hibbs to William Hibbs - June 13, 1918 - Flags on front

HH71-Postcard from Henry to William Hibbs - June 13, 1918 - no location_0002.jpg
This is a postcard from Henry Hibbs to William Hibbs telling William that Henry received his letter and tobacco for his birthday. Henry also describes receiving his new gun that weighed 11 pounds. There are flags and a verse on the front of this…

Finance and Properties Correspondence - December 1982

This is a letter from RPLS to DPL's finance and properties committee informing them of the projected budget for 1983. There will be a drastic deficit. Project monetary support will be discontinued to the library as well as to the DPL cataloger's…

Pardon the Dust: Decatur Downtown Streetscape Enhancement Project - March 2012

This is a letter and small description of the Decatur downtown streetscape enhancement project in March 2012. Items stated were renovation ideas, goals, phases, and a map. Contact person Ashe Brown

Millikin Research Project Proposal, December 2011

This is a research project proposal from Dr. Rich Bibb from Millikin University in December 2011. The project would consist of assessment of library users, past research on users, take aways, oral presentation by three to four research teams, expert…

James A. Kupich email and letter regarding settlement, February 2011

This is a copy of the letter and email concerning Mr. James Kupish and his settlement from the City of Decatur. Included is information regarding Donna Rollins, IMRF, settlement request and plan, James Baker - lawyer, city of Decatur, and the release…

Letter to Decatur Public Library - August 1995

This is a letter from a former citizen of Decatur praising the library. She compares it to the library she is using now in Colorado and Decatur is so much better. She thanks them.

Annual Report June 1995

This is the annual report to the city council, mayor, and Illinois State Library June 1995. Also included is the city librarian's report. These reports highlight graphs, narrative, statistics, liabilities, information, monies required, monies…