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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Adjacent Property Report Form- 2011

This is a copy of the adjacent property report form of 2011. Question on the form consist of contact information, property questions, building entrance location and type. This is part of the downtown streetscape and open space enhancement program.

Email concerning publication of Library Contract on City Web Site. February 2011.

This is an email from Jerd Morstattler from the city of Decatur asking if the library contract could be posted on the city web site. The AFSCME, Fire, and Police contracts are posted. February 2011

James A. Kupich email and letter regarding settlement, February 2011

This is a copy of the letter and email concerning Mr. James Kupish and his settlement from the City of Decatur. Included is information regarding Donna Rollins, IMRF, settlement request and plan, James Baker - lawyer, city of Decatur, and the release…

Board of Directors Meeting - December 21, 1978

This is the minutes and agenda from the Board of Directors meeting on December 21, 1978. At this meeting, the Board discussed issues with the bookmobile trailers, imposing a fee for looking up borrower's cards, the November at Noon program,…

Data Services Memorandum - 1977

This memorandum from the Director of Data Services at the City of Decatur shows the costs for a library circulation system provided by the City Data Services Department.