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Mr. and Mrs. Edward Powers

BIO320-POWERS_MR_&_MRS_EDWARD-1, 6-5-1935.jpg
Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Powers, Mrs. George Sentel, Mrs. H. Dwight Spencer, and J. B. Martin. Written on back of the photo: "Twenty-six members of Decatur Garden club were in Sullivan Monday to visit the gardens of Mrs.. George Sentel, and…

Edward G. Powers

BIO318-POWERS_EDWARD-2, 4-5-1931.jpg
Photograph of Edward G. Powers (born 9/7/1861; died 10/28/1950). Son of Samuel Powers early Decatur settler. Landowner and patron of the Arts, music in particular. Photo take in 1920 by Moffett of Chicago.

Edward G. Powers

Photograph of Edward G. Powers on horseback. Edward died in 1950 at the age of 89, rides one of the several horses his family always kept when this picture was taken in June, 1908. Although there were motor cars in Decatur in that year, the horse…