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Photo of John G. Imboden

BIO186-IMBODEN_JOHN_G, 5-7-1904.jpg
Photograph of John G. Imboden; (died 10/15/1925). He was internationally known as a cattle man. he was widely recognized as a judge of cattle, having judged in Madison Square Garden in New York and at the Chicago World's Fair. He was for several…

Photo of Miss Mary C. Gregory

Photograph of Miss Mary C. Gregory (died 1/18/1932). Decatur and Macon County teacher for 57 years. She was active in the W.C.T.U. work and was a past state secretary of that organization. Photo by Wassons of Decatur.

Photo of Tunis Wilson Funeral Procession

Photographs of the funeral procession for Tunis Wilson; (died 4/20/1917). Tunis Wilson was a second lieutenant in Company L. of the Fifth Infantry Regiment of Illinois. He was recruiting men for his company when he contracted pneumonia and died. His…

Photo of People With Hay Wagons, Mules and Horses

BIO502-hay making at Grandma Emmas - 1905 Cisco IL001.jpg
Photograph of making hay at the home of Grandma Emma. Carmi, Louie and Ma Emma standing by mules. The family horse "old Maud" hitched to "top buggy". Photo taken 1905 in Cisco, IL. About 3 miles north of Cisco, IL.

Photo of Preston Jackson

Photograph of Preston Jackson leaning against a brick wall.

George Zwilling

Photograph of George Zwilling; (died 1/26/1946). Veteran employee of the Mueller Co. He moved to Decatur in 1891 and joined the Mueller Co. and remained in the employ almost 35 years before retiring. He was a member of the Decatur Council No. 577,…

Frank O. Zetterlind

Photograph of Frank O. Zetterlind; (died 10/13/1933). He was an employee of the Mueller Co. for 53 years. He came to Decatur in June of 1880 and was hired as a blacksmith by Hieronymous Mueller. He later became head of the blacksmith shop there and…

John Zeller

BIO479-ZELLER_JOHN, 8-24-1930.jpg
Photograph of John Zeller; (died 4/11/1932). He came to Decatur about 1860 and started driving oxen used by the Wabash in switching cars. Later he took a job in a meat packing plant that was located about where the Catholic Cemetery (Calvary)now is…

Mrs. M. M. (Olive) Wornick

BIO478-WORNICK_OLIVE, (MRS_M_M, 5-17-1914.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. M. M. (Olive) Wornick; (died 5/26/1943). Prominent in civic and social work in Decatur. She had been a member of the Decatur Woman's Club since 1904. In 1914 she was vice-chairman of the art and literature division of that club.…

Mrs. Wilbur C. (Marion) Wood

BIO476-WOOD_MRS_WILBUR_C, (MARION), 10-11-1937.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. Wilbur C. (Marion) Wood; (died 11/11/1937). Prominent member of the D.A.R. and wife of Dr. W. C. Wood, one of the most outstanding physicians and surgeons in Central Illinois. She organized the B.W. Chapter of the P.E.O. and served…