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Photograph of Students of the Decatur College of Music

Photograph of students going to or coming back from a trip taken in front of the Decatur College of Music and Rembrandt Studios. This photo was taken some time in the 1920's.

Photographs of the Interior of Decatur High School

SC16-Science Classroom ca 1940018.jpg
Photographs of the interior of Decatur High School including the gym, auditorium, the girls locker room, a science classroom and the music room taken around 1940.

Photo of the Decatur Music Center Building

Photograph of the Decatur Music Center located at 115-1/2 S. Main Street, Decatur, IL. (Decatur Business 977.358A, pg 147). Noel C. Dicks photographer.

Edward G. Powers

Photograph of Edward G. Powers on horseback. Edward died in 1950 at the age of 89, rides one of the several horses his family always kept when this picture was taken in June, 1908. Although there were motor cars in Decatur in that year, the horseā€¦