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Photo of Ferris Wheel and Riders

PK214--Ferris Wheel 1933-036.jpg
Photograph of the Ferris Wheel with people riding and waiting.

Photo of Decatur Cocktail Lounge Building.

BS1043-decatur cocktail lounge 1957123.jpg
Photograph of the Decatur Cocktail Lounge and Liquor Store located at 545 N. Water Street.

Mr. & Mrs. John K. Wells' Oral History

This is the oral history of Mr. and Mrs. John K. Wells. They were interviewed by Betty Turnell on June 22, 1986. The interview includes their childhoods, and John's career in life insurance.

Photo of Triaon Dance Hall
Photograph of the Trianon Dance Hall located on South Jackson Street Decatur, IL. dated 10/13/1936. "Former Negro Dance Hall."