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Photo of the Decatur Outdoor Theatre

BS554-Outdoor Theater_Aerial View_1950_126.jpg
Photograph Aerial view of the Outdoor Theater Drive-in, opened July 11, 1950.

Photo of Decatur Municipal Theatre - Outdoor Theatre

Photograph of the Decatur Municipal Theatre located on Highway 51 near the waterworks.

Photo of Conrad Striewing, proprietor of the Crystal Theater.

BS379-Conrad Striewing_Owner_1914.jpg
Photograph of Conrad Striewing; (died 5/30/1914). Proprietor of the Crystal Theater on Water Street. For many years he was a traveling salesman but later he purchased the theater. It was called the Nasawan but he changed the name to the Crystal. It…

Photos of Avon Theatre

Photographs of the Avon Theatre when the ceiling collapse, May 1, 1950.