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Photo of The Strand Theatre

BS515-STRAND_THEATRE, 6-1918006.jpg
Photograph of The Strand Theatre located on the corner of Main and Water Streets, Decatur, IL. Opened 9/24/1915.

Photo of the Rogers Theatre E. Wood St.

BS516-ROGERS_THEATRE, 11-19-1937005.jpg
Photograph of location of the Rogers Theatre before it was built. Photograph of the Rogers Theatre under construction.

Photos of the Lincoln Theatre, Exterior and Interior

Photographs of the Lincoln Theater Marquee. Photograph of the Lincoln Theatre opening night 1916, theater filled. Photograph of the Lincoln Theatre lobby. Photographs of the interior. Photograph of the Art Deco on outside of the building.

Photos of the Empress Building --Corbett -Moran Building, interior and ticket booth.

Photograph of the Empress/Corbett-Moran Building in 1912. Photograph of the Empress Building in 1951. Photographs of the Empress taken in 1962. Photograph of the interior of the Empress Theatre. Photo of ticket booth with Wayne Matt and ticket…

Photo of Ticket Booth Empress Theatre

Photograph of Wayne Mott at the ticket booth of the Empress Theatre, taken in 1960. Photos of taking down the marquee 4/21/1961 and photo of the interior.

Photo of the Decatur Outdoor Theatre

BS554-Outdoor Theater_Aerial View_1950_126.jpg
Photograph Aerial view of the Outdoor Theater Drive-in, opened July 11, 1950.

Photo of Decatur Municipal Theatre - Outdoor Theatre

Photograph of the Decatur Municipal Theatre located on Highway 51 near the waterworks.