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Photos Hayes Hatchery

BS1542-Hayes Bros Hatchery 1935-135.jpg
Photographs of Hayes Hatchery Building, Employees, Customers and Baby Chicks. The hatchery was located at 405 S. Water St., Decatur, IL.

Photo of Day's Paint Store.

Photograph of Day's Paint Store located at 340 N. Main Street, Decatur, IL., 1940's.

Photos of People working at the Crown, Cork & Seal Factory.

BS1015-Crown cork & seal-1940's-022.jpg
Photos of women making and sorting parts. Photo of the Crown, Cork & Seal Building. Photos of men working in the factory.

Photos of Equipment Made by Caterpillar.

Photograph of a bulldozer made by Caterpillar. Photo of a grader being built at Caterpillar. Photo of a Jeep during WWII that was winterized by Cpl. Lloyd Webb who had been employed by Caterpillar Military Engine Company before the war.

Photo of the Coffee Pot Restaurant Building
Photograph of the Coffee Pot Restaurant with the owners standing in front. It was located on U. S. 36 E. near Casner.

Photograph of Slot Machines
Photograph of slot machines raided by police in the 1940's.