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Photo of 2nd Lt. Estelle R. Cohn in uniform
WWII - Herald and Review Library; Cohn, Estelle R., 7/27/1945. Note on back of photo: Camp Lejeune, N.C. Marine 2nd Lt. Estelle R. Cohn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Cohn of 3 Lincoln Place, Decatur, IL. was commissioned recently. Lt. Cohn…

Photo of 2nd Lt. William B. Treacy in uniform with name, date and location

AF729-WWII_TREACY, WILLIAM B, 5-21-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Treacy, 2nd Lt. Willliam B., Article on back of photo; "William B. Treacy, son of Mrs. Loraine B. Tracy, 147 South Calhoun street, has been commissioned a second lieutenant in the marine corps. He was recently awarded his…

Photo of Corp. F. G. Herreid in uniform with unknown sailor

AF352-WWII_HERREID, F G, (ON LEFT), 11-5-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Herreid, Corp. F. G. on left with unknown sailor. Article on back of photo; "Herreid Home, corp. F. G. Herreid, who was inducted into the marines at the mass ceremony her Oct. 9, 1942, is on furlough with his parents, Mr.…

Photo of Cpl. Herbert S. Landholt in uniform

AF461-WWII_LANDHOLT, HERBERT S, 4-5-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Landholt, Cpl. Herbert S., Article on back of photo; "Cpl. Landholt Iwo Casualty, Cpl. Herbert S. Landholt, a marine paratrooper, was wounded in action on Iwo Jima, March 2, according to a message received from the Navy…

Photo of Cpl. Stanley High

AF368-WWII_HIGH, STANLEY, 10-15-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: High, Cpl. Stanley in work uniform

Photo of Doonald W. Sullivan in fatigues

AF695-WWII_SULLIVAN, DONALD W, 7-11-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Sullivan, Donald W.; Article on back of photo; "Marine Pfc. Donald W. Sullivan, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Sullivan, 1053 West Decatur street, is at the naval hospital at Long Beach, Calif, recovering from severe burns…

Photo of John K. Wallett in combat uniform with rifle

AF748-WWII_WALLETT, JOHN K, 3-8-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Wallett, John K., Article on back of photo; "John K. Wallett, marine private learns the use of rile and bayonet in hand-to-hand combat at the marine corps base in San Diego, Calif. Private Wallett is the husband of Mrs.…

Photo of Lieut. James Leonard Walker in uniform

Herald and Review Library: Walker, Lieut. James Leonard; Article on back of photo; "Lieut. James Leonard Walker of the U. S. Marine Corps received his wings and was commissioned July 6 at Pensacola, Fla. After six weeks of navigation school at…

Photo of Lt. Robert Clark with Marguerite McAnelly Clark
WWII - Herald and Review Library; Clark, Robert Lt. and Marguerite McAnelly Clark, c. 1946. Property of Herald and Review. Article attached to phot: "Miss Marguerite McAnelly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert McAnelly, 318 N. 25th St. and Lt. Robert…

Photo of Major and Mrs. Ralph Merrill Wismer, Major Wismer is in uniform

AF809-WWII_WISMER, RALPH M & JEAN, (DENOON), 4-16-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Wismer, Major Ralph Merrill; Article on back of photo; "Linda Jean Wismer, age 16 months, was an astonished young lady when she first met her father, Maj. Ralph M. Wismer, Friday evening. Major Wismer is back home after two…