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Central Park - S. Park St. c. 1870
This is a photograph of S. Park St. by Central Park in Decatur, IL c. 1870.

Photographs of North Water Street over several decades.
Photograph of buildings in the 200 Block of N. Water that were torn down in 1996. Photograph of 200 Block early 1900's. Photograph from postcard. Photograph of Water Street, 1896. Photograph of the 100 Block of N. Water St. taken 10/1/1907.…

Building on S. Park, 200 Block at N. Water St., Decatur, IL.
Photograph of Building at S. Park and 200 Block N. Water Street. Located at the southeast corner of S. Park and N. Water streets this building was erected in 1878 for Peddecord and Burrows banking firm. On the consolidation of that banking firm with…

Photo of Building 200 Water and S. Park Streets.
Photograph of buildings located on S. Park and the 200 block of Water Street. This bank was originally known as the Peddecord, Burrows & Co. bank. The name was changed to L. Burrows and Co. on July 28, 1899. It was located at the south east corner of…