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Photos of Leader Iron Works

Photograph of Leader Iron Works, photo by George Baker of Decatur. Ran in the Review, 11/19/1911. Plant located at 2100 block N. Jasper St., Decatur, IL.. Photograph of Leader Iron Works Interior, photo ran in the Review 11/19/1905. Photograph of…

Photos of Decatur Malleable Iron Co.

Photograph of Decatur Malleable Iron Co. located at 1530 E. Curtis in what was known as the Chamber of Commerce addition. Photo ran Dec 31, 1916. Photo of employees homes, photo ran Sept. 1916.

Photos of Chambers, Bering & Quinlan

Photograph BS75: Three ladies working. BS76 several ladies and two men watching a manufacturing process. Photo BS77 office building for C.B.Q Co. (Chambers, Bering & Quinlan).

Photo of Central Malleable Iron Co. 765 N. Lowber, Decatur, IL.

Photograph of the Central Malleable Iron Co. 765 N. Lowber, building with railroad cars filled with material to process.

Photo of Crum-Wiley Manufacturing Co.

Photograph of Crum-Wiley building located on 620 N. Union St., Decatur, IL. Photo ran in the Review 11/19/1911.