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Photos of Frede Chevrolet Building and Cars.

BS1473-chevrolet showroom in old coca cola bottling bldg002.jpg
Photographs of Frede Chevrolet Cars and Building, 300 Block E. Eldorado, Decatur, IL.

Photo of Franklin Mall on 304 S. Franklin St., Decatur, IL.

BS1471-Franklin mall20210428_0001.jpg
Photograph of the Franklin Mall Building interior and exterior, located at 304 S. Franklin.

Photo of the Interior of Frank Curtis Jewelers.

Photograph of the interior of Frank Curtis Jewelers located at 156 E. Main St., Decatur, IL.

Photo of Fans Fare Restaurant

BS1108-Fans Fare Restaurant-1955251.jpg
Photograph of the Fans Fare Restaurant Building located at 1701 N. Woodford Street, Decatur, IL>

Photos of the Eldorado Bowl Bowling Alley Interior and Building.

BS1096-Eldorado Bowl 1-22-55-033.jpg
Photographs of the Eldorado Bowling Alley located on West Eldorado Street. Pictures cover the interior and the building.

Photo Decatur Ice Plant

Photograph of the Decatur Ice Plant. "This ice plant, known as the Wabash Icing Plant, located on the Wabash tracks near 7th St. It was formerly the Cudahy Ice Plant."

Photo of the Decatur Ice Cream Co.

BS1049-Decatur Ice Cream Co 1904-163.bmp
Photograph of the Decatur Ice Cream Co., 716 N. Edward St., building was erected in 1904 and torn down in 1937.

Photo of Decatur Brass Works Building.

BS1041-Decatur Brass Works 1449 E Eldorado 1915.jpg
Photograph of the Decatur Brass Works Building located at 1449 E. Eldorado, 1915.

Photos of the Decatur Bottling Company.

BS703-Decatur Bottling Co_Cantrell St_No Date_275.jpg
Photographs of the Decatur Bottling Company located on the corner of Cantrell and Broadway (now MLK) streets. Photos of the building, bottling, manufacturing and packaged for distribution.