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Finance and Properties Committee - Meeting - Minutes - February 1987

These are the minutes of the Finance and Properties committee meeting in February 1987. Items discussed were the proposed budget for 1987-1988, increases, salary, projected revenue, projected expenditures, endowments, and vacant positions.

Ad Hoc Committee - City Librarian's Evaluation - February 1987

These are the minutes of the Ad Hoc Committee meeting of February 1987. Items discussed in relationship to the evaluation of the city librarian were committee statues, members makeup, 5 objectives, staff training and development, improve public…

Foundation Meeting - November 1995

These are the minutes of the Foundation meeting in November 1995. The members discussed the treasure's report, election of officers, building renovation plans, endowments, and survey of library users.

Board of Directors Meeting December 1986

This is the agenda and minutes of the Board of Directors meeting in December 1986. At this meeting the board discussed committee reports, city librarian's report, evaluations, endowments, Chapter 4, Central Baptist Association, Vision 1996, circ…