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Foundation Meeting - November 1995

These are the minutes of the Foundation meeting in November 1995. The members discussed the treasure's report, election of officers, building renovation plans, endowments, and survey of library users.

Finance and Properties Committee Meeting - November 1995

These are the minutes of the Finance and Properties Committee meeting in November 1995. At this meeting the members discussed the draft of the 1996/1997 budget, MIS, carpeting, HVAC, tax levy, bookmobile, roof, budget, revenue, and expeditures

Thank you letter - Communities in Partnership - November 1995

This is a thank you letter from Communities Partnership for the use of the public library auditorium for their training and educational sessions November 1995.

City Librarian's Report November 1995

This is the city librarian's report of November 1995. Mr. Moorman discussed the roof, bookmobile, focus groups, children's services, health insurance, adult services, brochure, MIS, ARIEL, extension division, children's division, cataloging dept.,…

Agenda of the Board of Directors meeting in November 1995

This is the agenda for the Board of Directors meeting in November 1995. Topic were the city librarians report, personnel policy and pubic relations, finance and properties, RPLS, Friends, Foundation, avenues of excellence, old business, and new…

Avenues of Excellence 1995

This is the Avenues of Excellence that is reviewed by the Board of Directors each month. These two sections deal with reference, output measures, population, fill rate, reference transactions per capita, services, specific population, accessibility,…

Revenue Report - 1995

This is the revenue report for April of 1995 for the public library. This report shows information on fund balance, taxes, intergovernmental revenue, fines and fees, investment income, other income, transfers, capital expenditures, and capital…

Monthly Circulation Statistics 1995
January 1995
April 1995
February 1995
May 1995
November 1995
September 1995

This is the monthly circulation statistics for the Decatur Public Library for 1995. These statistics show totals for central library print and non-print as well as extension print and non-print.

Bills and Payroll - 1995 - April, October, August, March, May and July, september, November

These are the bills and payment for the Decatur Public Library in 1995 for April, August, July, March, May and October. These spreadsheets show date of request, vendor, amount, check number, check date, descriptions, Trusts, Capital, fund balance,…

City of Decatur Report of Expenditures to Budget 1994-1995

This is the report of expenditures to the budget 1994-1995. This report shows monthly and yearly amounts in salaries and wages, personal services, contractual services, commodities, other charges, capital outlay, library capital, Cantoni Trust,…