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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Financial Report - September 2013

This is the financial report for September 2013. Items listed were revenue additions, expenses, operating expenses, annex, personnel services, real estate taxes, state grants, state replacement taxes, fines and fees, lost and damaged books, copies…

Long Range Planning Committee May 1994

These are the minutes of the Long Range Planning Committee in May 1994. At this meeting the member heard from Marlene Deuel from the Illinois State Library on possible renovation and how to pay for them. It was discussed to use Live and Learn funding…

3 year budget projection for the Decatur Public Library as per the Board of Trustees, September 22, 1989

This is the 3 year projected budget for the Decatur Public Library submitted on September 22, 1989. This budget includes a beginning and ending budget both estimated and projected revenue, resources, and expenditures that contain property tax,…