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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Personnel Policy and Public Relation Committee meeting - December 2015 - agenda and minutes

These are the minutes and agenda of the Personnel Policy and Public Relations committee of December 2015. Management personnel policy was discussed with emphasis on sick leave, FMLA, grievance procedure, nepotism, and vacation leave.

Management and Staff Personnel Policy - Decatur Public Library - 1994

This is the Management Staff Personnel Policy for the Decatur Public Library. It covers area pertaining to recruitment, probationary periods, hours of work, holidays, vacation leave, sick leave, special leave, absences, insurance, workers…

Pro-rated Benefit Memo Board of Directors January 18, 1990

This is the pro-rated benefits memo to all permanent part-time employees from the Board of Directors dated January 18, 1990. This memo details sick leave, holiday pay, and vacation leave for all part-time employees based on hours worked. Charts…