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Dividend Announcement for Weekly Premium Life Policies 1958

This is a brochure of the dividend announcement for weekly premium life insurance policies dated 1958 explaining the dividend additions.

Finance and Properties committee meeting - March 2020 - agenda, minutes, packet

These are the agenda, minutes, and packet of the March 2020 Finance and Properties committee meeting. Items discussed and acted upon were capital needs, space plan, check register, budget report, budget projection, protecting public health plan…

Finance and Properties committee meeting - August 2012 - agenda and minutes

These are the agenda and minutes of the Finance and Properties committee meeting in August 2012. Items discussed were the budget, check register, bookmobiles, long range plans, library RFQ, security, Heartland Fresh2u, insurance

Staff Payroll - March 2012

This is the staff payroll for March 2012. Items included are salary and benefits for management and union, full time and part time, name, grade, IMRF/SS and insurance.

Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting in November 1994

These are the minutes of the board of directors in November 1994. At this meeting the board discussed city librarian's report, committee reports, personnel policy and public relations, finance and properties, network, Jack Aldrich, Decatur Growth as…

Management and Staff Personnel Policy - Decatur Public Library - 1994

This is the Management Staff Personnel Policy for the Decatur Public Library. It covers area pertaining to recruitment, probationary periods, hours of work, holidays, vacation leave, sick leave, special leave, absences, insurance, workers…

Finance and Properties Committee Minutes 1989.

These are the minutes of the Finance and Properties Committee Meetings of the Decatur Public Library Board of Trustees for 1989. During these meeting the Fiance and Properties Committee discussed tax levy, employment agency, elevator, collection…

Decatur Public Library Staff Salary Petition Memo and Recommended Salary and Benefits Memo for 1989.

These are two documents dealing with employee's salary and benefit raises for 1989. In these documents the employees petition the board to continue negotiation with the union and James Seidl recommends the Board accepting the proposed salary and…