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Financial Reports - 2011

These are the financial reports for 2011. Monthly included are April, August, February, January, July, June, March, November, October, and September. Topics included are original approp, revised budget, YTD actual, MTD actual, encumbered, available…

Circulation Reports - 2011

These are the circulation reports for 2011. Months included are April, August, February, January, June, March, May, and July. Topics included code, allocation, description, annual budget allocation, YTD spending, currently encumbered, % spent and…

Adjacent Property Report Form- 2011

This is a copy of the adjacent property report form of 2011. Question on the form consist of contact information, property questions, building entrance location and type. This is part of the downtown streetscape and open space enhancement program.

Library Fund Check Register For Invoices 2011

These are the check registers for invoices from the library fund for 2011. Included are check number, check date, vendor, item amount, item description, account number and account description.