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Library Fund Check Register For Invoices 2011

These are the check registers for invoices from the library fund for 2011. Included are check number, check date, vendor, item amount, item description, account number and account description.

Check Registers 2009 - January thru November.

These are the check registers for 2007. All months are included except December. Columns on registers include check number, check date, item amount, item description, account number, and account description.

Thank you letter - Children's Department - June 15, 1990

This is a thank you note written to the board of directors praising the Decatur Public Library Children's Department for a wonderful birthday party for a one year old. Special thanks was given to Katie Gross and Mary Lou Dwyer for the party as well…

Expenditure Report Board of Directors 1990

These are the expenditure report for the year 1990. In these reports the Board discussed and detailed salaries and wages, personal services, contractual services, commodities, charges, capital outlay, Cantoni Trust, Breckenridge Trust and the Bridges…

City Librarian's Monthly Reports 1990

These are the city librarian's monthly reports for the year of 1990. In these report, Mr. Seidl discusses and reports on circulation statistics, budget, collection development, personnel, public relations, automation, and buildings and grounds.

Monthly Bills and Payroll for the Decatur Public Library for 1990

These are the monthly bills and payroll for the Decatur Public Library per the Board of Trustees in 1990. This financial statement list date of request, vendor, amount, check number, check date, and description of payment.

Board of Directors Meeting - June 1989

These are the minutes and agenda of the Board of Directors meeting in June 1989. At this meeting the board discussed the city librarian's report, committee reports, finance and properties, RPLS, Avenues of Excellence, prevailing wage rates, bills and…

Annual and Monthly Statistical Reports of the Decatur Public Library 1989.

These are the annual and monthly statistical reports of the Decatur Public Library as presented to the Board of Directors. These reports list circulation statistics for books, av, and others materials, books added, withdrawn and mended, gifts.…

Memo to Michael Stogdill for overdue library books and fines March/June 1989

These are memos concerning fines sent to Mr. Michael Stogdill for overdue library books. A copy of the fines and book titles are also included.