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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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City Librarian's Report - January 2011

This is the city librarian's report for January 2011. The report contains information on AFSCME, Friends, Foundation, RPLS, Horizon, staff, administration, adult division, library on the go, online book club, local history room, building division,…

Non-Resident Card Program Report Form - May 2011

This is the non-resident card program report form dated May 2011. Areas covered are name, approval date, fee, and State Library application if desired.

Financial Reports - 2011

These are the financial reports for 2011. Monthly included are April, August, February, January, July, June, March, November, October, and September. Topics included are original approp, revised budget, YTD actual, MTD actual, encumbered, available…

Circulation Reports - 2011

These are the circulation reports for 2011. Months included are April, August, February, January, June, March, May, and July. Topics included code, allocation, description, annual budget allocation, YTD spending, currently encumbered, % spent and…