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Louis Carl Waltens

BIO443-WALTENS_LOUIS_CARL, 9-19-1919.jpg
Photograph of Louis Carl Waltens; (died 11/20/1948). Owner of Decatur's first travel agency and a supporter of aviation in 1911. He and August Hendrian were the first to won and pilot an airplane in Illinois. He ws in the nursery and grocery…

Adolph A. Sigfried

Photograph of Adolph A. Sigfried; (died 1/26/1935). Veteran actor of International reputation, whose home was in Decatur. He established the first vaudeville theater in Decatur. In 1903 he opened his theater in the 300 Block N. Water and in 1909 a…

William Lincoln Shellabarger

Photograph of William Lincoln Shellabarger; (died 2/3/1920) Secretary and Manager for American Hominy Co. until 1904, resigning to take over Shellabarger Elevator Co. Established line of mills and elevators in Central Illinois. 32nd Degree Mason,…

Edward D. Mattes

Photography of Edward D. Mattes (died June 28, 1946). Former operator of the Decatur Brick Co. he was a son of Frederick Mattes who founded the Mattes & Sons brick yard. It was later incorporated as Decatur Brick co. He then became general manager of…

Eugene Linxweiler

BS163-Eugene_Linxweiler_ Founder_1900.jpg
Photograph of Eugene Linxweiler. (Died 5/21/1939) Founder of Linxweiler Printing Co. He founded the company in 1900, first at 249 N. Main Streett, then in 1925 he erected a building at 259 S. Park Street. where the company still operates. The…