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Photos of East Leafland taken in 1910 and 1971.

ST11-E_LEAFLAND, C1910_ PAVING020.jpg
Photograph of city paving East Leafland in 1910. "In 1910 East Leafland Street from Broadway came out of the mud with concrete curbing and brick pavement. In those days work moved slowly with men and horses providing most of the power. Photo used…

Photo of Sewer along Cantrell Street, Decatur, IL.

Photograph of Sewers along Cantrell Street, Decatur, IL. Photograph of the collapsed section of sewer along Cantrell Street east of Franklin. Photographs of Cantrell and Broadway Streets.

Photo of 500 Block of East Eldorado looking East from Broadway (MLK), 1917.

Photograph of the 500 Block of East Eldorado, looking East from Broadway (MLK). The building on the right is the Fred Kipp grocery store, photo taken 1/4/1917.

Photograph of N. Water St. at the 900 Block

HO66-900_BLK_N_WATER_ST-1, ANSON_PACKARD_HSE, 1-26-1916.jpg
Photograph of N. Water St. at the 900 block at King Anson Packard's home. He owned an 80 acre farm bordered at Broadway, now Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, on the east, Water on the west and extending south from King. This photo was made in the…

Photograph of 752 N. Broadway

Photograph of the house at 752 N. Broadway, where the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen was organized in 1880. Home of William Felton.

Photograph from the Decatur Milling Company Fire

FR45-DECATUR MILLING CO, 11-25-1905.jpg
Photograph from the Decatur Milling Company Fire on November 25, 1905. The company was located at the southwest corner of E. Main and Broadway. The fire destroyed the entire plant which was incorporated in 1888. Previously it had been known as the…

Adolph A. Sigfried

Photograph of Adolph A. Sigfried; (died 1/26/1935). Veteran actor of International reputation, whose home was in Decatur. He established the first vaudeville theater in Decatur. In 1903 he opened his theater in the 300 Block N. Water and in 1909 a…