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Children on a Float in the Red Cross Parade
WWI - Children dressed as members of the Red Cross on a float in the Red Cross parade, waving the American Flag, May 1918.

Knitting Club, Warren School, Sept 1917
WWI - Knitting club at Warren Elementary School, Sept. 1917. See Schools of Macon County, pg. 5.

St. Patricks School Students Support the War
WWI - St. Patricks Catholic school showing support for the war. Children holding signs and American Flag. WWI. c. 1918

Students Dressed in Red Cross and Army Uniforms Showing Support for the War
WWI - Photograph of Junior High School Students, Nov. 1917. Students are dressed in Red Cross and Army Uniforms in support of the war.

Students Gardening in a Victory Garden
WWI - Photograph of children working in the Riverside School Garden. c.1917


Photograph of 3 boys in a field labeled "Boys".

Eating Watermelon

Photograph of the Hinton children eating watermelon outside. The description on the back of the photograph says "Eating watermelon. The boy is my cousin."

3 Children

Photograph of 3 children with a dog in the yard.

McClure Boys

Photograph of the McClure boys in a wagon.

Mabel and Kenneth

Photograph of Mabel and Kenneth Grubbs as children.