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Photograph of Wabash R.R. Employees in front of the Freight House

Photograph of Wabash R.R. employees standing outside of the Wabash railway freight house taken in April of 1919. From left to right: C.L. Gambriel, Harry Bechtel, John A. Boyd, G.R. Layhir, Thedosia (?) Falkner, Mildrid Randolph, Minnie Dauford, Bob…

Photo of Draftees standing in front of courthouse steps

AF879-WWII_Macon County Draftees, WWII, 10-9-1942B.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Photo of Macon County, IL. draftees in front of the courthouse. Article on back of photo; "Included in the group of Decatur men who left here early this morning for physical examination and induction in the U. S. Army at…