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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Photograph of Decatur's Charles Dressen

Photograph of Charles Dressen, who was recruited from Decatur and went on to play major league baseball for the Cincinnati Reds in 1919. This photograph was taken On September 24th, 1934.

Photograph of Wabash R.R. Employees in front of the Freight House

Photograph of Wabash R.R. employees standing outside of the Wabash railway freight house taken in April of 1919. From left to right: C.L. Gambriel, Harry Bechtel, John A. Boyd, G.R. Layhir, Thedosia (?) Falkner, Mildrid Randolph, Minnie Dauford, Bob…

Photograph of Rev. James Walton McDonald

Photograph of Rev. James Walton McDonald. (born 1869; died 6/16/1951) Presbyterian pastor in Decatur 23 years, leaving in 1923 for Kansas City, MO. Came to Decatur in 1901 from Logansport, IN. First pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian church,…

Photo of Suffern-Hunt Mill

Photograph of the Suffern-Hunt Mill, Union St. at Wabash Railroad. Sold to American Hominy Co. 1905, sold to Edward Evans 10/3/1924, sold to Decatur Milling Co. 10/26/1924. Photo taken in 1919.

Thomas T. Roberts

BIO335-ROBERTS_THOMAS_T, 3-2-1919.jpg
Photograph of Thomas T. Roberts; born 3/1/1839; died 11/24/1919. Decatur Industrialist and philanthropist. Founder of the Decatur Coffin Co. Served in the Civil War. Member of First Presbyterian Church. Photo used 3/2/1919.

Mrs. Thomas Hoskins

Postcard of Mrs. Thomas Hoskins. She was the wife of Thomas S. Hoskins, a dentist with an office in the Millikin Bank Building. The photo was taken in 1919, and ran in the Decatur Herald or Daily Review on December 11, 1921.

John R. Fitzgerald

BIO141-FITZGERALD_JOHN_R, 1-15-1919.jpg
Photograph of John R. Fitzgerald (d. 1/30/1952). He was a Decatur attorney and outstanding criminal lawyer. Fitzgerald was a member of the Decatur Bar Association, United States Association, charter member of the Knights of Columbus Decatur Chapter…

Robert Faries

Photograph of Robert Faries (d. 11/17/1919). Faries was a manufacturer, inventor, and president of the Faries Manufacturing Co. He bought Wilson Park, and renamed it Faries Park in 1910. He founded the Faries Manufacturing Co. in 1881, which…

Robert Wittke's Confirmation Day

Photograph of Robert Wittke on his Confirmation Day in 1919. Taken by Van Deventer Studio in Decatur, IL.