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Photo of Ensign Robert Eugene Reed in flight jacket and hat and goggles with name tag

AF590-WWII_REED, ROBERT EUGENE, 12-6-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Reed, Ensign Robert Eugene; Article on back of photo; "Ensign R. E. Reed, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Otis Reed, 2645 North Main street, recently was graduated from the naval air training base at Corpus Christi, Texas, and…

Photo of 2nd Lt. George Fox, Jr. hanging out of window of a plane.

AF234-WWII_FOX, GEORGE JR, 5-10-1945.jpg
WWII - Herald and Review Library; George Fox, Jr., 5/10/1945. Caption: "With Headquarters 12th AAF in Italy--2nd Lt. George W. Fox, Jr., whose wife lives at 1311 N. Church St., Decatur, IL. is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Fox, 79 Sherman Ave.,…

Photo of Lt. James M. Wetzel in uniform with name tag

AF770-WWII_WETZEL, JAMES M, 10-12-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Wetzel, Lt. James M.; Article on back of photo; "Lt. James M. Wetzel, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Albert Wetzel, 745 south Maffit street, formerly served with the engineers at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. He attended the University…

Photo of Cpl. Philip T. Duff in uniform

AF174-DUFF, PHILIP T, 6-9-1948.jpg
Armed Forces - Herald and Review Library; Duff, Philip T., 6/9/1948 unused. Note on back: Cpl. Philip

Photo of S/Sgt. Donald Weller in uniform with a group of men

Herald and Review Library; Weller, S/Sgt. Donald; Article on back of photo; "Sixth division soldiers who arrived at Seattle, Dec. 4, aboard the Navy transport S. S. Fuller from Korea, (left to right) front row, are: T-4 Charles R. McCullough, Sixth…

Photo of William H. Little in uniform with name and serial number

AF479-WWII_LITTLE, WILLIAM H, 3-14-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library; Little, William H. son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Little, Township Line Road.

Photo of 2nd Lt. Robert D. Rutledge in uniform with name and serial number

AF617-WWII_RUTLEDGE, ROBERT D, 6-14-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Rutledge, 2nd Lt. Robert D., Article on back of photo; "Rutledge Gets Commission; Robert d. Rutledge, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thelo rutledge, 845 North Main street, received his wings and was commissioned a second lieutenant at…

Photo of Eugene D. Spencer in uniform with name and serial number

AF665-WWII_SPENCER, EUGENE D, 2-23-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Spencer, Eugene D., Article on back of photo; "Spencer Commissioned; Eugene D. Spencer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orville F. Spencer, Sr., 1805 North Thirty-fourth street, has been made a second lieutenant at Marfa Field, Texas.…

Henry Clay Montgomery

Photograph of Henry Clay Montgomery, (died Dec 28, 1898). He was elected treasurer of Macon Co. in 1890. Previously he was a wealthy farm owner of Macon, Illinois. He later moved to Decatur but continued his farm affairs. He was senior member of the…

James Millikin

Photograph of James Millikin taken by Abrams Studio of Decatur, IL.