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Photo of Rev. Leon W. Kern

Photograph of Rev. Leon W. Kern; first pastor Wesley Methodist Church, Brush College Road, (1927-1928). Attended Millikin University while here. Photo by Seitz Studio. Ran Review 11/13/1927.

Francis R. Wiley

Photograph of Francis R. Wiley; prominent Decatur lawyer since 1906. He was Macon Co. Master-in-Chancery from 1934 to 1938. He is prominent in Democratic politics and in 1920 was a candidate for congress and in 1933 was candidate for the nomination…

Robert Walter, Jr.

Photograph of Robert Walter, Jr. as a child holding a violin. Son of Prof. Robert Walter, Sr. former director of the Goodman Band in Decatur. In 1926, when he was 19 years old, he joined his father in the firm of Robert Walter and Son, instructors…

Arthur Van Cleve

Photograph of Arthur Van Cleve; (died 11/1/1950). He was formerly a Decatur attorney. He practiced law in Decatur after his graduation from the U. of I. law school in 1911 until he entered service in World War I. After his return from France he moved…

E. W. Thomson

BIO415-THOMSON_E_W, 1903.jpg
Photograph of E. W. Thomson, Instructor in higher mathematics at Millikin University, starting in November, 1903. Photo by Brewer.

Mrs. Albert R. Taylor

BIO410-TAYLOR_MRS_ALBERT_R, 1-27-1929.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. Albert R. Taylor and four other ladies. Mrs. Taylor died 4/21/1938; wife of Albert R. Taylor first president of Millikin University. In this picture are, front row left Mrs. Mary E. Dyer, front right, Mrs. A. R. Taylor. In the…

Lynn Potter's Oral History

This is the oral history of Lynn Potter. She was interviewed by Sally Krigbaum on June 12, 2018 in Mrs. Potter's home. The oral history covers her life in Springfield, Millikin University, her family with Duanne, historic preservation, NWRAPS,…

John W. Smith

BIO369-SMITH, JOHN W, 12-6-1903.jpg
Photography of John W. Smith. He was an attorney of Chicago and formerly of Decatur. He left Decatur in 1877 and went to Chicago where he became a member of the law firm of Byum & Smith. While in Decatur he was a partner with Gallagher & Emerson. He…

Rev. Charles F. Record

Photograph of Rev. Charles F. Record (died 12/4/1927). Former resident of Decatur and a Presbyterian minister. He was a graduate of Millikin University and the Union Theological Seminary in New York City. He was ordained in 1905 and held several…

Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Powers

BIO321-POWERS_MR_&_MRS_EDWARD-2, 2-20-1938.jpg
Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Powers with President John C. Hessler of Millikin University, at the reception which followed the musicale given Tuesday evening in the Millikin Conservatory of Music by CX chapter of PEO. Photo by Bill Caldwell.