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Aerial Photographs of a Circus North of St Theresa High School
Aerial photographs of a circus north of St. Theresa High School in Decatur taken in August of 1954.

Circus Elephants
Photograph of elephants walking down the street in Decatur during the June 1948 circus.

Circus-Putting Up Tent
Photograph of a circus tent being put up on June 11, 1936 in Decatur.

Clyde Beatty Circus
Photograph of the Clyde Beatty Circus in August of 1943 showing a crowd of people looking at tigers.

Hagenback & Wallace Circus
Photograph taken during the Hagenback & Wallace Circus in April of 1938 of horses next to a train as people watch.

Photograph from the Halloween Parade in 1953
Photograph of children dressed in costumes from the Halloween Parade in 1953.