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Photos taken from the Macon County Courthouse Roof in 1996 by Don Baker.

ST20-MISC-4, NE_FROM_CTHOUSE, C1996029.jpg
Photograph of S. Franklin and Wood Street taken from the top of the courthouse. Photograph of the roofs of different parts of the courthouse and S. Franklin. Photograph of Franklin St. Mall and S. Franklin. Photograph of Old City Hall and Greenview…

Photos of Downtown Decatur taken from rooftops.

ST771-Downtown Decatur-looking northeast from Prairie+Main046.jpg
Photographs of Downtown Decatur taken from rooftops, looking Northeast from Prairie and Main Streets.

Photographs of Sears before it became the New Decatur Public Library Building

LB116-Buildings & Grounds007.jpg
Photographs of the exterior of the Sears building located at 130 N. Franklin St. before it became the new Decatur Public Library Building taken in 1998.

Photograph of the North St. Library Model

Photograph of the model for the North St. Library after the Carnegie Library was demolished.