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Photographs of 20 Lincoln Place

Photograph of 20 Lincoln Place taken in February of 1938.

Hagenback & Wallace Circus

Photograph taken during the Hagenback & Wallace Circus in April of 1938 of horses next to a train as people watch.

Photograph of Saratoga Club Gambling Raid

Photograph of the Saratoga Club gambling police raid in 1938.

Photo of Clay Robinson Dairy

Photograph of the Farmers inspect herd at the Clay Robinson Dairy, photo taken 8/26/1938.

Photo of Post Office Mural with Abe Lincoln.

Photograph of Post Office Mural taken from Herald and Review negative collection.

Ralph G. Mills

BIO273-MILLS_RALPH_G, 6-14-1938.jpg
Photograph of Ralph G. Mills (died 10/17/1944) Decatur allergist, opened offices in the Standard Office Building in 1938. Photo ran 9/4/1938 in the Decatur Herald or Review, Decatur, IL.

Byrd L. Davis, Sr.

BIO100-DAVIS_BYRD_L_SR, 2-11-1938090.jpg
Photograph of Byrd L. Davis, Sr. (b. 6/28/1869, d. 1/13/1948). Davis owned livery stables, a storage and transfer business, and an undertaking business. He was interested in civic and community affairs, and served as the director of the Association…