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Photograph of Eli Ulery Log Cabin

Photograph of Eli Ulery's log cabin, probably built around the 1840's or 1850's. In the 1871 city directory Ulery was listed as a cattle dealer and resident of 22 W. William St. This photograph dates to about 1900 and is by Thomas McCluskey of…

Photographs of 510 Powers Lane

Photographs of 510 Powers Lane. This house was built by Theron Powers about 1900. Fire partially destroyed it in 1915 but the house was rebuilt. It was bought from Mrs. Powers in May 1926 by Dr. Clyde H. Tearnan. Dr. Tearnan sold it in September 1949…

Firefighters Practicing Falls

Firefighters practicing catching falling civilians taken in the early 1900's.

Photos of Decatur Bridge Company

Photograph BS67: Decatur Bridge Co. Office Building - New, photo taken 1/23/1911. Print from J. K. Stafford Collection of negatives taken in the late 1890's and early 1900's which were in possession of Mr. and Mrs. Jack French of Cerro Gordo in…

Photos of Townsend Bros. Carriage Shop

BD74-Townend Bros Carriage Shop_300 N Main_1910.jpg
Photograph of Townsend Bros. Carriage Shop, dated 1910. Located at 301-311 E. Main St. Photo ran in the Review 11/27/1910. Photograph of Townsend Bros. Carriage Shop, dated 1900, 140 E. Cerro Gordo St. Photo ran in the Rev. 11/27/1910.

Wesley Larrick

Photo of Wesley Larrick (died May 8, 1932) Past Commander of Dunham Post, G.A.R. He served in the Civil War and settled in Decatur shortly after the war.