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Photographs from the Library Block Fire

FR33-LIBRARY BLOCK-1, 2-21-1892.jpg
Photographs from the February 21, 1892 fire that occurred at Library Block, formerly the Roberts and Green Building. 4,300 volumes, together with furniture and fixtures were lost.

Photo of Building at 316 N. Main St.

Photograph of building at 316 N. Main St., believed to be taken about 1889, was found in the personal effects of Byron Askins, who died in 1949. The picture is of the building at 316 N. Main street and a part of the Library Block. The house at theā€¦

Photo Library Block/Haines & Essick

Photograph of the Library Block and Haines and Essick, northeast corner of William and Main streets, photo taken summer of 1996.

Library Block Main and William Streets

Photograph of the Library Block taken in 1896, horses and carriages on the street.

Library Block Fire

Photograph of the Library Block taken 2/21/1892 after the fire. Photo taken from Southwest looking toward the south west corner of the building.