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Photos of Burstein Junk Yard.

BS974-Burstein junk yard Fire-7-17-1935-043.jpg
Photographs of building that had been destroyed by fire on 3/3/1930.

Photo of Block & Kuhl after the fire

BS963-decatur gun company fire 1905019.jpg
Photograph of the Block & Kuhl Building after the fire.

Photos of Decatur Cereal Co. Office and Factory.
Photographs of the Decatur Cereal Co. office building, corner W. Eldorado and Van Dyke St. Fire at Decatur Cereal Mill 6/6/1909.

Email concerning publication of Library Contract on City Web Site. February 2011.

This is an email from Jerd Morstattler from the city of Decatur asking if the library contract could be posted on the city web site. The AFSCME, Fire, and Police contracts are posted. February 2011

Photograph of old Lincoln Schoolhouse
Photograph of Lincoln schoolhouse, which was located five miles north of Blue Mound and 4 miles west of Boody. This building was destroyed by fire February 20th, 1939.

Photographs of 510 Powers Lane
Photographs of 510 Powers Lane. This house was built by Theron Powers about 1900. Fire partially destroyed it in 1915 but the house was rebuilt. It was bought from Mrs. Powers in May 1926 by Dr. Clyde H. Tearnan. Dr. Tearnan sold it in September 1949…

Photograph of 925 N. Main St.
Photograph of 925 N. Main St. This house was built in 1865 and 1866 by J.Q. Brown who lived there until about 1874 when he sold it to Dr. W.A. Barnes. Dr. Barnes sold it in 1891 to James D. Tait, who left it to his son, Joseph S. Tait. In 1921 the…