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Photo of First National Bank at the first location.

Photograph of the first home of the First National Bank located on the second story room in the 100 Block N. Water Street over Young's Clothing Store. This was Peddecord and Burrows first place of business, as bankers. Photo taken after 8/22/1909,…

Photo of E. K. Ehrhart Bros. Grocery

BS1084- E. Kk. Erhart bros  grocery077.jpg
Photograph of the interior of E. K. Ehrhart Bros. Grocery Store located at 774 W. Green St., Decatur, IL.

Photos of Decatur Milling Co.

Photographs of the Decatur Milling Co. milling process.

Photos of Decatur Hotel and Arcade Building, 1915.

BS1048-Decatur Hotel and Arcade Bldg _1915174.bmp
Photograph of the Decatur Hotel and Arcade Building, 1915. "The Decatur Hotel, building in center of photo, and Arcade Bldg., at the right of the Hotel, as pictured before they were destroyed by fire on April 21, 1915. They were located on the north…

Photos Decatur Gun Co. Contest 1917.

Photograph Decatur Gun Co. Contest 148 S. Main St., 1917. Photo of children looking at the Decatur Gun Co. building after the fire. Photo of bike riders lined up in front of the Decatur Gun Co.

Photos of Burstein Junk Yard.

BS974-Burstein junk yard Fire-7-17-1935-043.jpg
Photographs of building that had been destroyed by fire on 3/3/1930.

Photo of Block & Kuhl after the fire

BS963-decatur gun company fire 1905019.jpg
Photograph of the Block & Kuhl Building after the fire.

Email concerning publication of Library Contract on City Web Site. February 2011.

This is an email from Jerd Morstattler from the city of Decatur asking if the library contract could be posted on the city web site. The AFSCME, Fire, and Police contracts are posted. February 2011