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N. Main St. Subway Looking North

This is the glass negative of the N. Main St. subway looking north. The photo was taken by Pfile's Camera Shop for the Decatur Herald & Review in Decatur, IL around 1930.

Photo of Western Union Messengers on Bicycles.

BS347-Western Union Messengers_1924.jpg
Photograph of Western Union Messengers on Bicycles in front of the Western Union Store.

Photos of the Lincoln Theatre, Exterior and Interior

Photographs of the Lincoln Theater Marquee. Photograph of the Lincoln Theatre opening night 1916, theater filled. Photograph of the Lincoln Theatre lobby. Photographs of the interior. Photograph of the Art Deco on outside of the building.

Photo of the Home Telephone Building

Photograph of the Home Telephone Building, N. Main St., Decatur, IL. Photo used in the Decatur Business 977.358A, p. 96-1.

Photo of Building 300 Block N. Main

Photograph of Decatur city street, 300 Block N. Main looking north and east from the intersection of William St.

Mary A. Nesbitt

BIO289-NESBITT_MISS_MARY_A, 9-2-1925.jpg
Photography of Miss Mary A. Nesbitt; (died 5/8/1937). First Woman optometrist in Illinois. She practiced optometry for 32 years before she retired in 1925. About 1907 she went to South Dakota and homesteaded for awhile. She came back to Decatur and…

Joseph Mills

BIO272-MILLS,_JOSEPH, 8-4-1938.jpg
Photograph of Joseph Mills (died July 6, 1913). Veteran Decatur lumberman. He bought land at the corner of N. Main and William Streets in 1853 and started a carpenter shop. He was a contractor and building until 1878. During this time he erected,…

Budd Florey

BIO142-FLOREY_BUDD, C1900.jpg
Photograph of Budd Florey (d. 7/25/1916). Florey was a tinner by trade, and a member of Greer and Florey, who had a tin shop on N. Main St. next to the Arcade Hotel. The shop was destroyed in the Decatur Hotel and Arcade hotel fire, and the firm…

William G. Bachman

Photograph of William G. Bachman (b. 12/21/1864, d. 7/8/1934). He was a furniture dealer, and owned a company on the southwest corner of N. Main and Prairie. This site later became Linn & Scruggs. The photo was taken by Vandeventer.