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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Photographs of Construction at Decatur High School, August 1970

Photos of Construction Inside Decatur High School, Aug 1970.

Photographs Aerial View of Stephen Decatur High School Construction

Photos of the new Stephen Decatur High School under construction west of North Woodford and South of Mound Road.

Photographs of Decatur High School 1961 and 1969

Photographs of Decatur High School Building and Parking Lot Across the Street. Aerial view of the school and surround area taken in 1961.

Photographs of Decatur High School 1950's.

Photographs of Decatur High School during the 1950's, buildings, students, Franklin Street and North Street.

Photographs Decatur High School in 1930's.

Photos of Decatur High School Building, Students and Students in Wood Working Class and Classroom, Parking lot on North corner.