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Photographs of Children at Ft. Daniel School

SC606_Fort Daniel 1910-006.jpg
Photographs of Ft. Daniel School Building, children standing in the yard, c. 1910. Photo of children from the Ft. Daniel School taken in 1934.

Photograph of Decatur Vocational Center

SC603_Decatur   Voc Center132.jpg
Photograph of the Decatur Vocational Center Building on the corner of Franklin and E. Eldorado Streets.

Photograph of Children at Wood Street School

Photograph of the fourth grade at the Wood Street School located on the corner of College and Wood Streets, Decatur, IL.

Photographs of Warrensburg School Building Additions in 1970 and Austin School Building.

Photographs of one story addition to Warrensburg School, interior, and gymnasium 1970 and Austin School Building.

Photographs of Warrensburg High School 1958

Aerial view of Warrensburg High School, audience in auditorium, and girls basketball game.

Historical Photographs of Warrensburg School.

Photographs of Warrensburg School taken in 1907, teachers J. J. Cross, Caroline White and Blanche Binkley, building and children.