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Standards - Avenue of Excellence - 1994

This is the standard that the Decatur Public Library is reviewing and following for 1994. It is called Avenues of Excellence and is produced by the Illinois State Library for Public Libraries. It is divided into 6 categories: Administration, Finance,…

Friends of the Decatur Public Library Newsletter and Meeting Minutes 1989

These are the minutes and newsletter of the Friends of the Decatur Public Library from their meetings in September and November 1989. At this meeting the Friends discussed support of the summer reading program, finances, newsletter, Books Between…

Photograph of Christian Adolph Klein
Photograph of Christian Adolph Klein. Originally from Germany, he came to Millikin University to finish his education and had charge of extension courses in Commercial German and German business forms.

Photograph of Professor Henry Clay Stanley
Former professor of Commerce and Finance at Millikin University. In 1917 he was charged with bigamy and sent to the penitentiary at Chester. He was released in 1918 after serving eleven months.

Board of Directors Meeting on November 18, 1966.

Board of Directors Meeting on November 18, 1966, reports from the Finance, Personnel, Policy and Properties Committees.

Board of Directors Meeting on October 14, 1966

Meeting of the Board of Directors October 14, 1966 to approve minutes of the regular board meeting on September 9, 1966 and the special meeting on September 19, 1966.