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John Zeller

BIO479-ZELLER_JOHN, 8-24-1930.jpg
Photograph of John Zeller; (died 4/11/1932). He came to Decatur about 1860 and started driving oxen used by the Wabash in switching cars. Later he took a job in a meat packing plant that was located about where the Catholic Cemetery (Calvary)now is…

Emile Pierre Scherer and wife

BIO342-SCHERER_EMILE_P (MR & MRS),  5-28-1939.jpg
Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Emile Pierre Scherer at their 50th wedding anniversary in 1939. Emile Scherer (died 12/26/1941) he came to Decatur in 1884; a woodworker with the Union Iron Works from 1903 until his retirement in 1940; member of the St.…