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Photos of Union Iron Works, Owner John Beall.

BS833_Union_Iron John Beall-IMG_20221115_0001.jpg
Photographs of the Union Iron Works. "Farm Equipment --Corn Sheller--First. This is the Beall corn sheller, the first successful sheller made by anyone. It was invented by John Beall, millwright and inventor, and was for more than 40 years…

Emile Pierre Scherer and wife

BIO342-SCHERER_EMILE_P (MR & MRS),  5-28-1939.jpg
Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Emile Pierre Scherer at their 50th wedding anniversary in 1939. Emile Scherer (died 12/26/1941) he came to Decatur in 1884; a woodworker with the Union Iron Works from 1903 until his retirement in 1940; member of the St.…

Henry C. Hagen

BIO160-HAGEN_HENRY_C, C1920.jpg
Photograph of Henry C. Hagen (d. 8/20/1942). He was a member of the last city council before the commission form of government was established in 1911. He was a machinist who worked for Union Iron Works, Mueller Co., and Williams Sealing Corp. …