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Photograph of the Wabash R.R. Locomotive #1020A

RR117-WABASH LOCOMOTIVE 1020A, DIESEL, 5-20-1949016.jpg
Photograph of the Wabash R.R. Alco-GE Model PA-2 diesel locomotive #1020A in Decatur IL taken May 20th, 1949.

Photo of Suffern-Hunt Mill

Photograph of the Suffern-Hunt Mill, Union St. at Wabash Railroad. Sold to American Hominy Co. 1905, sold to Edward Evans 10/3/1924, sold to Decatur Milling Co. 10/26/1924. Photo taken in 1919.

Wabash Railroad on the St. Louis Bridge

Photograph Wabash passenger train on the St. Louis Bridge heading to St. Louis, MO. Photo taken Aug 28, 1898. Print from the J. K. Stafford Collection of negatives taken in the late 1890's and early 1900's which were in possession of Mr. and Mrs.…

John Zeller

BIO479-ZELLER_JOHN, 8-24-1930.jpg
Photograph of John Zeller; (died 4/11/1932). He came to Decatur about 1860 and started driving oxen used by the Wabash in switching cars. Later he took a job in a meat packing plant that was located about where the Catholic Cemetery (Calvary)now is…

Thomas Hutchinson Wells

Photograph of Thomas Hutchinson Wells; (died 7/13/1925). He was an employee of the Wabash Railroad for over 40 years. He entered the employment of the Wabash in 1884, being sent to Peru, Ind. where for three years he was foreman of the planing mill.…

Charles F. Thomas

Photograph of Charles F. Thomas; (died 1/2/1953). Retired railroad union official, formerly of Decatur. He was general chairman of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Engine men on the Wabash R.R. system. He retired in 1937 to take up his new…

Dan T. Sullivan

BIO393-SULLIVAN_DAN_T, 12-27-1912.jpg
Photograph of Dan T. Sullivan; (Wabash Dan) died June 8, 1933 in East St. Louis, MO. Dan was a special office for the Wabash, was probation officer 1913 to 1915, appointed a member of the police department 1915, left Decatur 1919. Photo ran…

Daniel "Big Dan" Sullivan

BIO394-SULLIVAN_DAN_Big Dan C1920.jpg
Photograph of Daniel "Big Dan" Sullivan (died 4/8/1926). "Big Dan" Sullivan formerly chief of police of Decatur and a former deputy sheriff of Macon County. Daniel Sullivan was born in Jacksonville, but came to Decatur when a very young man. He went…

Clifford E. Ocheltree

Photograph of Clifford E. Ocheltree; (born 1/20/1874; died 7/14/1949); married Mary E. Moore; trainmaster on the Wabash R.R., began as a telegrapher 6/21/1893 and retired after 44 years, 6/30/1937; member First Presbyterian Church. Photo by Rembrandt…

Daniel LaMont Myers

BIO284-MYERS_DANIEL_LAMONT, 12-19-1924.jpg
Photograph of Daniel LaMont Myers; (died Dec 19, 1924). Veteran Wabash baggage master. He had been employed at the Wabash Railroad for about 38 years. He served one term as night captain on the police force under Mayor G. W. Lehman. He was a past…