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Wabash Railroad Bill of Lading - Original - May 20, 1915

This is a straight bill of lading from the Wabash Railroad for Mr. Henry Hibbs dated May 20, 1915. It has been prepaid. Destination is Athens, IL, It is a box of glass weighing 110 lbs. It has been signed by Mr. Henry Hibbs. Conditions are described…

Wabash Railroad Steam Engine
This is the glass negative of a Wabash Railroad steam engine. The photo was taken by Charles Wasson for the Decatur Herald & Review in Decatur, IL in 1930.

Photograph of the Wabash R.R. Locomotive #1020A
Photograph of the Wabash R.R. Alco-GE Model PA-2 diesel locomotive #1020A in Decatur IL taken May 20th, 1949.