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Photos of Harbor Inn Tavern.

Photographs of the Harbor Inn Tavern Building located E. Wood St. Road, in Long Creek Township.

George L. Warren Saloon

Photograph of George L. Warren , employees and customers. Saloon was located at 560 N. Jasper St., Decatur, IL.

Photo Curve Inn

BS1023-Curve Inn on Route 48.jpg
Photograph of the Curve Inn Located on Route 48 near MacArthur High School, opened in 1953. "From Yesteryear - The Curve Inn, located on Route 48 near MacArthur High School opened in 1953--four years before MacArthur opened its doors for its first…

Photo of the Corner Tavern

BS1014-Corner Tavern 1162-North Water Street 1951-320.jpg
Photograph of the Corner Tavern located at 1162 N. Water Street, Decatur, IL.

Photo of Anchor Inn

BS941-Anchor Inn AKA Ory Tavern AKA Nightingale Club Lost Bridge Road 7-27-1938014.jpg
Photograph of the Anchor Inn former Nightingale Inn

Photo of A. & W. Tavern Owners

BS940-A and W Tavern owners195.jpg
Photograph of A. & W. Tavern Owners Shaking Hands

Photo of Emerald Inn Tavern.
Photograph of the Emerald Inn Tavern located at 2703 N. Water St., Decatur, IL.

Photo of Coliseum Tavern
Photograph of the Coliseum Tavern "Built in 1923, burn in 1925, rebuilt, burned again in 1933. Shown above is a view of the coliseum, formerly the property of the Macon County Fair Association but more recently a beer tavern and dance resort owned by…

Photo of Al & Jimmy's Tavern
Photograph of Al & Jimmy's Tavern located on the corner Wood and Jasper Streets, Decatur, IL.

Photo of Lakeside Tavern Night Club
Photograph of the Lakeside Tavern Night Club.