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Photos of Longhorn Tavern

Photographs of the Longhorn Tavern located on E. Prairie St., Decatur, IL.

Photo of the Lakeside Dairy Bar

aBS1765-Lakeside Dairy Bar996.jpg
Photograph of the Lakeside Dairy Bar with owners standing front of the building.

Photo Fans Fare Restaurant Building

BS1108-Fans Fare Restaurant-1955251.jpg
Photograph of the Fans Fare Restaurant Building

Photo of Ernest Donuts

BS1105-Ernst Donuts - E Eldorado St..jpg
Photograph of Ernest Donuts located at 600 E. Eldorado St. Standard Gas Station across the street.

Photo of E. K. Ehrhart Bros. Grocery

BS1084- E. Kk. Erhart bros  grocery077.jpg
Photograph of the interior of E. K. Ehrhart Bros. Grocery Store located at 774 W. Green St., Decatur, IL.

Photo of Dairy Queen Building

BS1024-Dairy Queen.jpg
Photograph of a Dairy Queen Building in Decatur, IL.

Photo Cloyd's Food Center Storefront

Photograph of Cloyd's Food Center located at 876 W. Grand Ave., Decatur, IL.

Photos of Employees at Perfect Potato Chip Co.
Photograph of Employees Working at the Perfect Potato Chip Factory.

Photographs from Decatur Celebration in 1986
Various photographs from the 1986 Decatur Celebration showing people participating in the celebration. Celebration Parade, Uncle Sam on stilts. Photograph of celebration crowd.

Photo of Kelly's Potato Chip Factory
Photographs of ladies bagging chips, moving bags of potatoes, loading truck with potatoes chips, packing boxes with chips, conveyer belt with potato chips, child sampling chips and men checking packaged product.